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The Original Belly Jelly- Aloe Vera Rash Gel

The Original Belly Jelly- Aloe Vera Rash Gel

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  • No, don't confuse this with the candy! Belly Jelly, around since the 80s, is Jay's go-to for preventing fin rubs! He says, "I basically take a glob of it and smear it on my ankles before putting my fins on. I make sure to avoid sand sticking to it, and then pull on my fins, and it keeps the rubber gliding nicely instead of grinding holes in my ankles". Belly Jelly also works for belly rash, trunk rash, and any other chafing issues you might have.
  • Helps prevent wetsuit, bodyboard and other athletic rashes.
  • Suggested uses: wetsuit rash, life vest rash, bodyboarding, windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, running.
  • Contains aloe vera and is resistant to water, wind and heat.


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