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Brög Saber 5'10"

Brög Saber 5'10"

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While its appearance may be unconventional, this surfboard quickly becomes a familiar and reliable companion once you step on it.

Many users find that it's remarkably easy to grasp, even on their first outing. Its intuitive nature and forgiving characteristics make it an excellent choice for surfers of all levels.

Featuring a distinct parallel outline with rounded, full rails, this board is designed for exceptional performance. Its innovative design includes a deep single concave with a subtle double concave inset, complemented by a wide swallow tail.

These elements combine to create a modern, comfortable, and highly maneuverable surfboard that empowers you to execute powerful moves with confidence.

Dimensions: 5' 10" x 20" x 2.64"
Fin System: FCSII

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