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QR Air-Lite Quad Rear Fin FCS Set - Medium

QR Air-Lite Quad Rear Fin FCS Set - Medium

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Fin Description

Shapers Quad Rears are designed to accommodate a wide variety of thruster side fins. Balanced, effective templates that are proven to perform. These Quad Rears feature an 80/20 foil that accentuate speed, flow and ease of transition between turns.

Designed in Shapers® new-age AIRLITE construction featuring a balanced/medium flex pattern.

Compatible with FCS Fin Systems


Quad Rear Base: 99mm| 3.89"
Quad Rear Depth: 101mm | 3.97"
Quad Rear Sweep: 33.8°
Quad Rear Foil: 80/20
Area: 7,309.66mm² | 11.33"²

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