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OUST Moc 9 Airrrr Bearings

OUST Moc 9 Airrrr Bearings

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Speed and cleanliness have always been two major issues in the manufacturing process of bearings. The MOC 9 Airrr... addresses both issues.

Manufactured with the highest quality USA made balls, finer polished raceways and a seal system that is different from all other methods of bearing seals in the bearing industry at the present time.

The MOC 9 Buna Non-Contact Seals are set into a U-channel design in the inner and outer races to keep all foreign particles out of the ball area. It also stops any oil leakage that might occur on a standard bearing seal.

The MOC 9 Airrr design attributes put the ride ahead of all other bearings currently on the market. When the highest quality and performance needs are demanded, no other bearing will excel the MOC 9 Airrr.

Oust MOC 9 bearings have the tightest tolerances of any bearing currently available, and places them beyond the ABEC scale, and out perform ABEC 9, Swiss, and ceramic bearings.

These bearings are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Fit all skate wheels including, Penny, cruisers, longboards, skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, etc.
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