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Brög Minnow S-Cloth 5' 10"

Brög Minnow S-Cloth 5' 10"

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Agile, Loose, and Snappy...Just Like A Minnow

This surfboard is expertly designed to cater to lightweight riders, both male and female. Its unique features are tailored to create an exceptional surfing experience, especially during the summer season.

Boasting a summer surf shape with a wide, round nose, this board ensures an instant planing effect, even on small waves. It's the perfect companion for tackling various surf conditions, from shore breaks to crouching tubes and executing impressive airs.

With a blend of surf and skate influences, this board captures the essence of soulful riding and allows riders to express their style to the fullest.

Dimensions: 5' 4" x 2.75" x 2.5"
Ideal wave height: 2-7ft.
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