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Lessing x Brög Cobbler HP 5'8"

Lessing x Brög Cobbler HP 5'8"

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'The Cobbler' - A Unique Masterpiece by John Lessing and Mark Brog

'The Cobbler' is no ordinary surfboard; it's a masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands of John Lessing and expertly glassed by Mark Brog. John Lessing is not just a shaper; he's a pure soul with a wealth of wisdom and experience, having guided countless surfers on their journey to happiness.

Key Highlights:

  1. Crafted by a Surfing Sage: John Lessing's hands and mind have shaped 'The Cobbler,' infusing it with the magic that only comes from years of dedication to the craft.

  2. A Shape Like No Other: 'The Cobbler' offers a perfect shape for anyone seeking to experience the unique essence created by John Lessing's craftsmanship.

  3. A Rare Gem: 'The Cobbler' is a true one-of-a-kind rarity, a collector's item that will elevate your surfing experience.

Dimensions: 5' 8" x 17.75" x 2 3/8"

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