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Fin Jak

Fin Jak

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The FinjakTool-Free surfboard fin installation device replaces the metal plate and screw of your single fin longboard, midlength, 2+1 surfboard or SUP and allows instant adjustment by hand.

Made of acetal plastic resin for strength and lightness the FinjakTool-Free can be recyled at the end of it's life. Unlike a fin bolt and plate FinjakTool-Free is a 'one-piece clamp' which is both easier to locate in your finbox and also less likely to be lost. FinjakTool-Free will not rust or sieze and will not damage your fin like a traditional bolt can.

The FinjakTool-Free was intially designed with rear-tab fins in mind. For front-tabbed fins the FinjakTool-Free comes with an inherent safetly feature. If you hit something in the water it may release. This reduces impact damage to both fin and fin box and potentially expensive repairs to your surfboard. Should you hit something with your board or fin it's good practice to check the security of your fin regardless of using a front or rear tabbed fins.

Specs & Features

  • Fits single fins, longboards, midlengths and 2+1 surfboards or SUPs.
  • Compatible with 'Bahne' style centre fin boxes.
  • Instantly adjustable by hand, no tools required.
  • Can be adjusted with ease in the water during your session.
  • Made from Acetal. Can be recycled at end of life.
  • Strong and durable, does not damage volan, fibreglass or carbon fins.
  • Rust-free, seize-free.
  • Blends with the colour of your finbox / fin.
  • Hi visability options available.
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