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FCS V-2 Performance Core Thruster Set

FCS V-2 Performance Core Thruster Set

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he next chapter in Kelly Slater's signature fin series has arrived with the introduction of the FCS K2.1 PC Quad. This dynamic quad set combines Kelly's P2.1 PC Tri fin set with quad rear fins based on the same geometry as the proven FCS G-1000 template.

The FCS K2.1 PC Tri Quad set sits in the medium size category. The side fins feature a compact template with a flat sided foil. The upright nature of this fin template offers incredible pivoting capabilities and allows for acute directional changes. The rear fin features an 80/20 foil, a moderate amount of sweep angle, and substantial curve through the leading and trailing edges of the fin.

The FCS K2.1 PC Tri Quad has become one of Kelly's preferred set ups, and has proven to be a key ingredient in his quest to push the boundaries of modern day surfing. The K2.1 template in the side delivers instant acceleration and the ability to turn in a tight arc. The rear fin which is smaller in size and has more sweep angle, provides the perfect combination of hold versus release. These two fin templates work in synergy to produce a dynamic quad set that is incredibly fast and responsive, yet can still be surfed with plenty of power.

Performance Core (PC) adds a new dimension to this high performance quad set and is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fiberglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. Performance Core construction consists of a Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process. Polyester resin is injected into a mold containing a sandwich of lightweight lantor core matt (honeycomb foam-like compound) and sheets of fiberglass. This process guarantees precision and accuracy and produces a lightweight fin with calculated flex. Each fin is then individually sanded and treated to produce a smooth matte finish.

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