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FCS H-2 (Used)

FCS H-2 (Used)

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The FCS H2 is a hydrodynamic evolution in fin design and performance. FCS has collaborated with hydrodynamic experts, the worlds best surfers and materials specialists to design the FCS H2 - the most hydro dynamically advanced fin on the market. The FCS H2 has evolved from scientific tank-flow testing and refined in the ocean by some of the worlds best surfers,

The FCS H2's tempered elliptical shape and hydro dynamically optimized foil section delivers extraordinary efficiency - less drag with more speed and drive. The FCS H2 side fins have been toed in slightly to increase maneuverability and rail-to-rail transitions. They have significantly more cant than standard fins, pushing the fin deeper into the wave when on rail and generating more speed during carving turns. The FCS H2 also has a raked leading edge that enables greater control in snapping, sliding and aerial maneuvers. As board design becomes more refined, fins are emerging as the key to improved performance. Through research and development, FCS is committed to leading the evolution with innovative fins like the H2. 


Ultra-Light Epoxy was developed by FCS to create the lightest possible fin with enhanced mechanical flex properties, while ensuring strength and foil accuracy. By minimizing weight without sacrificing response of flex and strength, Ultra-Light Epoxy is our leading construction process and delivers the ultimate in performance.


Base: 4.22" / 107.0 mm
Depth: 4.65" / 118.0 mm
Area: 13.95 sq. in. / 9000 mm2
Sweep: 36.5°
Cant: 10°
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