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Brög Dia Pro Premium 5'10"

Brög Dia Pro Premium 5'10"

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The 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with Off-Road Tires of shortboards

Explore the rugged versatility of the Dia Skate Pro equipped with FCSII tri-fin set-up and carbon wrap, perfect for conquering any terrain. 

The Dia Skate Pro is an all-around shortboard boasts a design tailored for exceptional performance. Featuring a flat deck and robust fuller rail construction, it offers stability and control in challenging conditions.

With a classic pointed nose and a full squash tail reminiscent of iconic street skateboard decks, this shortboard combines style with substance. 

Whether you're navigating off-road adventures or cruising your local break, the Dia Pro promises an unforgettable ride. Get ready to carve your path and make a statement with this unbeatable shape.

Dimensions5'10" x 19.55 x 2.49" 
Volume: 34L

Ideal wave height: 2-10ft.

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