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Brög Delta Pod 5'6"

Brög Delta Pod 5'6"

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Our surfboard design draws inspiration from the timeless outlines and rockers of classic Pavel and Lis boards. With a deep swallow tail and a subtle parabolic outline towards the tail for enhanced grip, this board is built to deliver exceptional performance.

The concave deck is strategically designed to maximize paddle power and expand the sweet spot on the deck, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride. It's complemented by the classic twin keel fin setup, which adds stability and control to your surfing experience.

For those looking to transition to a shortboard, this is an excellent choice. It's a forgiving board that's easy to master, making it perfect for riders looking to step up their surfing game without the steep learning curve.

Experience the perfect blend of classic design and modern performance with the Delta Pod, designed to help you progress and enjoy the waves to the fullest.

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