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Brög Catwalk 9'2"

Brög Catwalk 9'2"

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Experience Surfing Excellence with 'The Catwalk' - Where Tradition Meets Modern Design

'The Catwalk' seamlessly blends traditional style with contemporary innovation, making it a standout choice for surfers looking to elevate their performance. 

  1. Versatile Performance: 'The Catwalk' excels in fades and offers exceptional maneuverability in fast pockets, making it a versatile choice for surfers of all levels.

  2. Modern Enhancements: This surfboard combines classic elements with modern upgrades, including an accelerated nose and tail rocker, as well as thin, soft, and tucked rails for improved control and agility.

  3. Dream-Like Carving: 'The Catwalk' effortlessly carves open faces like a dream, providing surfers with ample cross-stepping area and stability for a graceful ride.

  4. Balanced Design: The long nose concave enhances balance right from the first step, ensuring a sleek and stylish performance perfect for hotdogging and cat walking.

Experience unmatched speed and precision with our unique blend of accelerated nose and tail rocker, thin soft and tucked rails, and double concave design.

Dimensions: 9'2" x 22 1/8" x 3 3/16"

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