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Brög 5'2" Vaquita Pro EPS

Brög 5'2" Vaquita Pro EPS

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Embrace the Spirit of the Vaquita: Ride the Waves with Our Exceptional Small Wave Shredder

Inspired by the agility and grace of the Vaquita, the world's smallest whale, our board offers a thrilling, playful, and snappy experience in small waves.

With its generous planing area, rounded rails, and sharp, precise exit, this board effortlessly executes tight turns and is remarkably adept at wave-catching.

The Vaquita Pro, equipped with a quad fin setup and a channel concave for added performance, enabling fluid lines and rapid speed generation.

Carbon-wrapped tail makes the tail nearly ding resistant. 

Dimensions: 5' 2" 21.4"x 2.47"
Ideal wave height: 1-5ft.

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