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AC Golden Age Mini Longboard/Midlength 7'9"

AC Golden Age Mini Longboard/Midlength 7'9"

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Hand-shaped by a Brög student, Alix Clemente (AC). Click the video below for a peek into her process...

This board is made with epoxy construction and a glossy finish to ensure both durability and aesthetics. 

This shape is an all-in-one allowing you to cross-step, carve, or just cruise the line. Lovely single fin set-up makes holding your line and turning blissfully easy. The perfect summer surfboard, handles ankle-slappers to overhead.

The artwork on this board is truly unique, featuring gold, copper, and rainbow flakes that create a timeless confetti appearance. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate surfer looking to hone your skills, or an advanced rider seeking to diversify your quiver, this board is your perfect ride.

Alix poured hours of passion and creativity into this board and she's stoked for this board to find its first rider to provide countless post-sesh smiles.

Dimensions: 7'9" x 21" x 2.5"
Liters: 49L

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