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FCS FK-2 Fish Twin Keel Fins

FCS FK-2 Fish Twin Keel Fins

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The FCS FK-2 Twin Fins deliver when you need fast, flowing lines and speedy snaps. Offering an 80/20 foil and a bit more flex than a traditional keel, the FK-2 is a fish template made for retro twin set ups. Playful, maneuverable and perfect for wide tailed fishes both young and old, the FCS FK-2 Twins have everything you need for ultimate two finned fun.


  • Medium 2 tab fish keel with 80/20 foil has less area and more flex than a traditional keel.
  • This keel will add a little more manoeuvrability and freedom to any retro twin set up.
  • Twin setup (2 fins) included.

Board Types

  • Designed to fit the FCS Fin System.
  • Recommended for all board types including fish, funboard and twin fin boards.
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