Soul performance designed by Mark Brog is dedicated to shaping and glassing hi-performance surfboards made to last. By educating our clients with clear information on board design, and how modifications to outline rocker rails and bottom contours can improve your surfing! Personal consultation is job #1. This is where we draw the line in the sand. Weather you talk to Sheryl Marks wife or one of our friendly staff you can find answers to your surfboard shaping needs. Hand made surfboards by Mark Brog are the magic connection between you and your next board. Let Marks twenty-five years of surfing and shaping experience elevate your surf experience.

1. Custom shaping appointments available at store. First half hour FREE. Basic consultation includes questions regarding your experience, confidence, where you see yourself in one to six months of improvement, favorite surf spots, what areas do you feel you could improve upon, and front or rear foot surfer.
2 Watch your custom design get shaped at the Soul Performance factory, additional $25
3 Surfboard duplication template recreations outline and rocker, additional $100
Our in-house shaping glassing and ding repair\restoration service can tackle any type of job no matter how difficult. Our services include Epoxy Styrofoam construction and repair. Volan cutlaps and tinted -opaque resins. AIRBRUSHING see photos, and Vacuum bagging and veneer layups.

Watch how the boards are made.
video by the Discovery Channel


Foil is the thickness flow from nose to tail between the deck and bottom rocker. The meat of a custom shape. This is where the volume of foam is dictated, good paddeling vs. higher performance. Brog integrates performance and good paddeling. Thanks to our neighbors and friends at Brog can custom design a rocker and blank for you, no additional charge! Their technology allows Mark to design the rocker and their CNC mill does its magic. Mark the hand foils the bottom and deck rockers to their correct shape , then tunes by HAND with a rocker stick.

Tail design and Outlines

Let Brog guide you to the best tail shape and outline. Some different types are pin, round pin, thumb, squash, square, diamond, winger, swallow, and bat. All of the different shapes may enhance or detract from your desired outcome. Out line templates have different widths and curves, which may increase the boards rail-to-rail transition speed. And can also add stability and earlier planning. Mark can come up with the right combo for you.


Rails are the edges of the board. Rails let the board show its personality, and allow its connection and release with the wave. By hand shaping the rails I can tune contact and release points beyond what computer shaping can offer. I have feelings and sense and use these gifts as an artist. Some different types of rails are full, thin, hard, tucked under, soft, 50/50, 60/40, boxy, beveled, and down. One rail may contain two to five different shapes all flowing into each other. It has taken me fifteen of my twenty years of shaping to understand and perform each of these types of rails. It is extremely difficult to create rails magic symmetry.

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