MID LENGTH 7'4" - 8'6"

My mid lengths are the answer to what one would want for a great all around board. They have long board paddling similarities for their size yet speed and sleekness to set you free on a 2 or 10-foot face wave.


8' Egg. Single fin, with round pin, or round round pintail, or diamond tail. Simplicity is what defines fun for me. A mild or flatter rocker delivers speed and good paddeling. Round pin keeps the drive thru cutbacks. Single fin for soul style, and true glide. There is a place for single fins and this is it, at San-Onofre itís like a longboard skateboard.

Displacement hulls; a special variety of single fin, flatter rocker, roll nose to slight belly to panel under front foot for turning. The rails are complicated set of compound curves allowing for maximum drive and velocity. Also the fin is of utmost importance to the design usually a flex fin works the best; I can also modify an existing fin for you.

8' Performance egg. Tri fin double barrel concave, this design incorporates a short board tail a rail flowing into a long board esque nose and middle. This is our best all around design works in surf as small as 2í and working great up to 15ífaces. Its fast pumps easily, forgiving trims and holds even when the going gets tough! This is my number one best seller.

7'4"-8'6" EZ egg. This design comes in a women and menís Specific design. I have added extra nose rocker at the tip to almost eliminate pearling. For women I shape narrower custom inseam on width, so you can carry your board under your arm! For men it's the same thing, as wide as you can possibly carry, a custom width just for you. I shape in extra thickness, and use a soft boxy rail for a stable easy ride. My wife and I have hooked up many very happy customers with my EZ egg, and watched them develop into great surfers. This is my only board with a money back guarantee.

6'8"-7'2" Mini Egg. Here I use a round full nose, squaretail, and double concave tail, and slight concave on the tail. This is another stick with a magic mix of soul and performance. This shape works well on the nose and its quick off the tail. At Malibu guys drop in on me then ill pump my Mini Egg right by their fat buts and take back the wave.


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