Want to learn from the best? Soul Performance Pro Team instructors give you personal one on one service that works fast. $100 per hour includes board. Advanced lessons. There is always room for improvement! Let our pro team put some snap in your style and some soul in your performance. Learn from the pro experience. Impress yourself after only one hour.

Book your lessons now! And recieve a free half hour lesson at our store with Mark. Get the results you want with SO-CAL KITEBOARDING, Instructor Bart Miller. I Mark Brog also instruct John Holzhal's Secrets of Kiteboarding at, Belmont shores Long Beach, and at Marina Del Rey. After one introductory lesson you may teach yourself safely on your own equipment, with Short lines 5,10,15-Meter lines lets you enter the water the first day out. 15,20,25 meter lines are for up wind and surf. Do not mess with 22-25-or 27-meter lines until you have safely experimented with entry-level lines. This allows you to safely land and launch a kite and learn proper body mechanics for easier up wind riding which is our goal. Body dynamics and core steering are fundamental to upwind riding. Start learning these techniques from the first day you pump up your kite! Come by the store for a FREE Seminar and quote on equipment and lessons!


The brands we sell are Naish, Slingshot, F-ONE , Cabrinah, Caution North, and Globe Kites, Gentrix Of course we also have in stock Boards, Harnesses, Bags and other necessary accessories.

Cost of lessons:  The Method John Holzhal KITES Method Taught by Mark Brog: Cost $ 80 per hour, all equipment included. Same cost for SO-CAL's  IKO lesson and certification program.

Learn how to design and shape a surfboard at the Soul Performance factory. Private lessons with Brog. $300/per board, 3 hour lesson.

Glassing lessons from our expert glasser Mauro Teixeira. All phases: logos, laminating, hot coat, and fins. $300/4 hour lesson.


Soul Performance offers private skateboarding lessons. The cost is $40 per hour.

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Tues.-Fri. 11:00am - 6:00pm | Sat. 11:00am - 5:00pm | or by appointment for custom orders

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