HYBRID 6.4' - 8.2'


Hybrid Fusion: 6’4”-8’2” These shapes are a magic mix of hi performance foils, and innovative outline shapes that enable surfers to plane out faster and get you up easier. My specialty is hiding extra volume in the board without seeing it. Many shapers say they can make them but I believe you truly need to be able to shape a great longboard and an awesome performance shortboard in order to have a hybrid work great. I don’t shape with prejudice, I love surfing and shaping all types of boards for all types of conditions.

Pro form: 7’2’-7’8” Squash tail. Side fin and center fin box. Wide point forward; this is a lazy guy short board. Pro Form delivers easy paddling and early planing. Moderate turning, maximum thrust. Simply put an easy fun shape to carve and glide on.

Flamingo: 8’2”Utilizes a double stringer, wing squash and 4 channels in front of the fins. Two plus one fin set up. This stick is great for surf from 4’- 15’ faces. Semi parallel out line between your legs and the 4 channels provide unprecedented speed and projection. Wings allow board to initiate turn with ease in combination with squash tail. Extra stringers wings and channels do increase cost, but its well worth it if you want a hi speed magic carpet.

Power Omlette: 7’10”- 8’2” This is a perfect transition board from a long board to a shorter board also works great in surf that is shoulder hi plus +. Lifted nose rocker at tip provides easy recovery and steep beach break. Flattened tail rocker an isolated tail vee lays out crisp in rail acceleration. Power omlette is derived from the egg design fused with a stable riding platform, i.e. flat deck and hi performance square tail.

Mini Power Omlette: 6’4”-7’2” A kids or lighter weight rider version of the already described. If you don’t want to start on a longboard and want to transition to a short board sooner this is the best board to start with.

Dolphin Dance: 6’4”7’4” Girls or women’s specific short board fusion design. Rounded swallowtail for safety and performance. And thin rails for easy duck diving. Extra curved nose yet still looks like a short board. The best shape to easily push your performance in the waves.

Convertaboard: 6’8”-7’4” Full and rounded shortboard nose, and a full-length double concave. This is a great travel board works great on a point or beach break from 2’-12 ‘. This shape uses a thinner nose and tail foil quickly blending into soft boxy rails for good paddeling and easy rail-to-rail transitions. It’s set up with a 7” fin box and FCS sides it works well as a thruster, twin, or single fin.


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