FISH 5' - 6.10'

Fish 5’2”-7’6” Why are Brog fish such an awesome surf experience. Because I spawned out of the performance twin fin era also it was the first shape I ever shaped in 1980. Their looseness went perfectly with our style at the time skateboarding and punk rock. The round nose fish is a more recent development blending rounded noses with narrower swallowtails. I’ve found that flat to panel veer works best. For other designs I use concave to slight double. This area is where my surf experience plays a crucial role in my designs. I’ve spent many sessions riding my fish designs at my home break or around the world. Twins, Twines, Quads, and Try’s will all work, just ask and Ill give you the fin set up that will work with the custom hull that I shape for you.


Round nose fish: 5’2”-6’6” Mid to pulled in swallow for tight turns. Utilizes a concave or vee bottom. Secret thickness flow is part of my hand shaped magic. This hull can be designed specifically as a twin, twin trailer, tri, quad, or twinzer. For me the twinzer has provided me wit the fastest surfing and turning at Malibu since J-Bay. Just ask about my story their!

Mini Fish extra round nose wing fish: 5’-6’2” I stumbled onto this when I had some extra time and was feeling extra inspired one day. Has a flat bottom to vee tail, and fluted wings. I had the best backside snaps of my life 195degree turns at my local left reef. I dont get comments to often but that was a special day! This shape is great for an excelling grom. Fin set up twin to trailer.

Full volume round nose HP wing fish fish: 6’6”-7’6” Similar to the mini fish but with a longer mid section for stability glide and effortless rail-to-rail transitions. This design sprung up recently with the evolution of thicker longer fish blanks. Can be made up to 3.5 inches thick. It’s a great shape for a heavier, older, or not as experience surfer to have a chance at riding a looser board with ease.

Snub Fish: 6’4” 6’10” wing swallow, or swallow. Less width than the round nose fish, and more width than the HP. This shape has shortboards and fish characteristics blended into one Great for guy’s 160- 240 pounds whom wand a good wave catcher with maximum performance.

Wing fish HP: 6’-6’4”Pointed short board nose concave bottom. Rails are medium full back to the fluted wings. This shape was my favorite for years and accompanied me on my second African Safari to Senegal and Cape Verde. It has mare down the line projection than a fuller nose and drops in easier when the wind is heavy off shore, you can carve this one in the tube to generate more speed the fin set up is cut down twins on the side and a keel fin in the center.



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