At Soul Performance we have the largest local selection of center fins in the South Bay. Companies we always have in stock in all templates and most sizes are True Ames, Fins Unlimited, Island Fin Designs, Rainbow Fins, and OFish'l, and Fiber Glass Fin Company. Get expert information on how all these fins feel and react.

Enhance your ride by simply moving your fin position. Mark the current location of your center fin with a sharpie at the trailing edge, then move it forward or back in 1/4 inch increments. The best way to do this is with a permanent fixture to the fin called the QFR or quick fin release. Twist 90, slide fin, twist 90 back, and then surf. Make sure all your fins have a QFR. Changing fins takes about 10 seconds. No more screwdrivers. No more lost fin plates or screws. Fin forward loosens, fin back adds drive.

The next best way to enhance your board is to get another style of fin for your stick. Here are some basics:

1) Fin Height
3" to 10" fin smaller = looser, larger = more stability.

2) Fin Shape
Wide base = more drive and projection, cutaway at base of fin initiates earlier turning and puts board on rail earlier, reduces drive. Rake or sweptback shape increase holding and drive. The opposite is high aspect or leading edge more vertical angle, which helps the board turn faster.

3) Stiffness or Flex
Carbon fiber fins are stiff and arc very fast. A Flex fin is foiled thinner at the tip; this squirts the board out of a turn and gives it a lively feel.

Taking combinations of these different design features allows you to come up with your own magic feel, but you won't know if you don't try them. All of these characteristics hold true for trifins also. For more detailed design analysis, come in and talk to BROG.


True Ames (surf and kite)
Rainbow Fin Co.
Future Fins
Island Fin Co.
Proteck Safety Fins
Fiberglass Fin Company

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