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Are the most simple easy and pure form of skateboading.  Any age gender or body type can longboard.  Its simplicity is created from the boards shape and length.  The longer the board  the more stability you create, also the sweeter and more mellow the ride.  Just like a low rider car ,  the lower you get the cooler you are !  The longboards simplicity allows you too be transported with glide and style.  You can cruise the board walk or "strand" and easily have a conversation  with a friend. while not worrying about getting hung up on a crack or bump.  The soft large wheels and inirtia of the longboard keep you flowing so you are not worrying about getting hung up on a crack or bump. Simplicity is the word to remember when thinking longboard 


Most longboards start at 35" in length. the widths go from 7.75 up to 10". Deck contours can be flat , to slightly concave. Diffrent outline shapes can include the pintail / usually no kick tail. classic surfboard shape, these are great for walking cross stepping and hanging ten. A wide nose helps here. Some times wheel wells or cut out wheel wells allow for the trucks to move to their fullest potential. We recomend   Paris trucks. these babys can crank a tight turn.

The Dancer is a style and type of board one uses to practice walking jumping and cross stepping and popping on a full size longboard. This is an advanced style of skateboarding sweeping our plannet. Urban warriors can now flow with style on a simple longboard deck optimumizing the dance floor. This is how I keep up my cross stepping foot work when I am not in the water.


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