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FREECARVE  Is the culmination of many different styles including slalom, hill bombing, sliding, jumping and cross stepping and walking.  It is the fastest growing sector in skateboarding because  you can start young or push your style limits that you have learned over many years of skateboarding.  Specific types of setups can enhance your type of preferred riding  style.  Thats why our store and experienced stafff and demo center can help educate you into which product to purchase from our family store.skate testThe most popular new skateboard design today has to be the Drop Thru skateboard.  It consists of holes that are cut into the deck, so that the trucks can be mounted on the top or deck of the skateboard.  Thuss lowering the overall stance and height of the rider and the pushing foot.  The drop thru is a very comfortable way to skateboard because the riders center of gravity is being lowered ty the thickness of the deck.  The drop down deck is similar in that you are lowered , But is achieved thru bending the shape of the deck down.  Many race and down hill decks are drop down. The bending of the plys of wood stiffen the deck, thuss giving it more control at higher speeds.

Free carving skateboards might include boards trucks and wheels from some of these companys.

Right now in our opinion the best and most involved company for freecarve LOADED CARVING SYSTEMS


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specialsThere are accessories that are great to have in your longboard drop thru or downhill setup.  Number one.  Bushings we carry Vennom and Vennom SHR, Bones, Do do's, and Oust bushings can greatly affect your performance or lack of.   Putting in the correct durometer or stiffness of bushing will greatly enhance your ability to feel exactly where your board is.  A good bushing setup will telegraph where you can feel your board, even at higher speeds.

Number two  Slide Gloves these babys protect your hands while you slide and glide down the hill.  Loaded and Land Yachtz make some nice ones for around $40-$60.  It is a great way to enlarger your playing field,  you will see new lines  and feel them too with your hands.
Thumb cutter grip tape  high traction for when you want that locked in feeling ,  you can also use it in small strips to enhance certain areas.

Number Three Oust speed lube. This product is chemically engineered to attach its self to the carbon atom,  the same as the steel in your ball bearings.  It will increase the over al speed and life of your bearing by up to 20%  Oust Met-ol  metalic oil.
Number four  Oust machined alluminun washers.  these hi performance washers are ultra light weight shaped to caress the bushing  not crush it.
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