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Getting your first skateboard can be an unfamiliar procecss.  We have some answers to help make it easier.  Getting into skateboarding can be a fun safe and easy process , just follow these  5 basic steps.  Just like surfing bigger boards are easier to start on.  I have seen many a tot pushing around on their dads old school or longboard on their knees  before they actually stand up and push down the side walk.  These boards are stable because they are  long and wide or both .   Just having a skateboard deck lying on the ground gives kids a chance to get the idea of what it is like to be on an actual skateboard. One step better is to have a YO BABY that is a mini plastic deck designed for kids to practice all their basic skateboard moves on.  See video.   At our store we have seen many a youngster fall in love with this teaching tool.
 Under five years of age or under 42" in height we recommend a mini deck 22"-30" .  Over 42" in height a standard 30"-31" deck with 7.5" to 7.75" width is good.

DO NOT purchase a skateboard from  Target Wallmart Costco Big Five or any big boxstore  . The boards these stores contain are the cheapest quality and will not help your child grow as a skateboarder. These stores have no business selling skateboards because they have no experience in skateboarding or teaching skateboarding.  Professional friendly customer service is a key point in getting a board that is the right size and shape, functions well, and is expandable in its life span . And #1 looks cool, for kids and most people the looks are a reflection of what people like color graphics create a board with an attitude tot match the rider.

Many times at our store our skate tech, or wife and I will SWICH OUT the stock hard  trick wheels , for a soft 60 mm mini cruiser wheel.  These soft wheels 78A durometer wheels  will absorb bumps and cracks in the riding surface, making riding safer and more enjoyable!

Older or heavier riders may be more comfortable on a long board or old school .  The longboard  is over 36"in length and has a wide wheelbase  giving it stability. These boards are great for going straight and cruising.  Learn to feel the flow of the ride!  Old School boards are another option for a larger rider because they are wider 8.5 to 10.5" in  width approximately 30"to 36"in length.  The wide deck in combination with  the wider skateboard truck  gives the rider added stability.

Just give us a call or go to our online store and we can get you a suitable complete or for no additional charge put a custom setup together just for you or your child!   Of course the most important for last, always wear a skateboarding safety helmet, and at least wrist guards.  Knee and elbow are also good too.   Save your self pain and injury to these important parts of your body.  It is required riding equipment for our two kids.    No
w go out and get crazy.

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Skate boarding can be a life long passion for pleasure.  The spinning of the wheels calls to the core of your soul to find your own path thru this crazy life on earth.   Always remember to have as much fun as  possible at every opportunity.  Always think evaluate and imagine your self  making it thru,  before you  go for  a session or a new trick.   Your thought and visualization  will guide you too safety and success.

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